Interested in becoming a Vendor at the Brooks Kinsmen Stampede & Exhibition?

Here's some information you need to know....


When do you let us know if our application has been approved?

Application deadline is May 10th 2020. Vendors are contacted after they are approved by the rodeo committee. You will then be sent a email that you have been selected. Due to the volume of applications we may not be able to get back to you right away.

Do I have to send payment with my application, or can I send it to you after I've been approved?

Payment is required to accompany your application form in order for it to be considered complete. You can pay by  e-transfer to Please see application form for additional information.

Can I pay on-site when I arrive?

No. Payment must be made prior to your arrival on-site.

Do I have to send proof of Insurance Form right away?


Do I have to be there all three days?

You must be there for Friday and Saturday. There are no exceptions to this rule. You must be present and open on Friday and Saturday, no matter the weather. Please prepare accordingly. You have the option of being open for service on Thursday as well. The Midway will be open and the Kinsmen will be hosting Lawn Mower Racers on June 11th.

What times do I have to be there?

Pro rodeo starts Friday June 12th  5:00pm to 9:00pm & Little Britches / Pro Rodeo Saturday June 13th  11:30am to 9:00pm

These times are minimum operational times. You may stay open later if you would like. On the Friday we have Rodeo slack starting at 8am.

When do I need to set up?

Move in time is 12 pm - 3:30 pm on Thursday June 11th and Friday June 12th  from 12 pm to 3:30 pm. This gives the Kinsmen time to finish setting up once the vendors are in place.

When can I leave?

You may not close up your booth prior to 9pm each night. After the Pro Rodeo on Saturday, you may start pack up and leave any time after its conclusion.

Can I bring vehicles into the grounds?

Vehicles are allowed on the grounds AFTER closing each night to restock product.

What are some of the reasons my application would be denied?

The Brooks Kinsmen Pro Rodeo works hard to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves at our event - this includes participants as well as vendors. We carefully check each application's sale items and select our vendors based on the breadth of their products. We only permit limited numbers selling similar products to ensure that the market is not saturated. We want vendors to make money and have a great time.

How do I get to the rodeo grounds?

If you are selected to be a vendor you will be sent a package via email with directions on where, who & when.

What are the fees to be a vendor?

The fees vary by the type of vendor. Please check out our application form to find out what fees may be for you.

Are there any indoor spaces?

No. We are open ground, outdoor rodeo and do not have indoor spaces available. Please prepare for inclement weather. If you are going to use a tent it must be anchored properly and approved by special events. We do have the area inside where the beer garden is, south end of the arena, this is open to vendors as well. Must be in this area before Wednesday as the beer gardens limits access.

Can we rent tables, chairs and tents?

No. We do not rent tables, chairs and tents.

Where can we stay while in town for the weekend?

If you are a vendor from out of town and have a camper you can stay in the participants over night area. No power or water. We do have potable water, one common spot and a sani dump station. You will need to contact the Kinsmen for access.

Is power or water available?

No. We do not have power or water access for vendors.There is potable water on site, behind the rodeo office and the new washroom. You will need to contact the Kinsmen for access.

Can I sell cotton candy or sno-kones?

No. Due to agreement with West Coast Amusements no other vendor can sell these products.

Updated March 2020


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